Peter Strzok Take A Cold Shower !

It’s Friday and thank God we made it through another week. I’ve noticed we haven’t had a good shoot the shit in a while, that’s because I was at Eurosatory and it’s taken a few weeks to get back on track. So, let’s get started.

20180620_170621Eurosatory is held every other year in Paris at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Paris, France. If you’re staying in Central Paris, you get there on the RER B train. To get to the RER B station, Gard du Nord, you can take Uber, a taxi, or use the Navigo Pass, which is by far your best option. A Navigo pass will cost you 27 Euros and gives you unlimited access to the superb Parisian mass transit system, from Monday through Sunday; I highly recommend it. Why should you attend Eurosatory?

The event is at the top of a very short list of global Defense Industry conferences, DSEi in London is probably larger but Eurosatory is right up there. So, if you want to immerse yourself in what the EU’s defense sector is doing, Eurosatory is where you want to be. Excellent conferences and exhibits. This year, the U.S. had 144 companies exhibiting, a pathetic number, so get on the exhibitor list and represent the U.S. in larger numbers.

Paris, even with the influx of immigrants is happening, and if you are a cigar smoker, visiting “A La Civette” is a must. They’re right around the corner from the Louvre, at 157 Rue Saint Honoré, there you can score a killer smoke that you probably won’t find anywhere in the U.S.  In my opinion A La Civette is unquestionably the best cigar shop in Paris.  Remember, Il n’y a rien comme un excellent cigare après un excellent dîner translated it means there’s nothing like an excellent cigar after an excellent dinner. Voila! 


This “mon amis” is a genuine Cuba Partagas

As you all know, the U.S. and parts of the world are consumed by the Peter Strzok / Lisa Page extravaganza. I’ll give you my uninformed read on the issue. Peter Strzok has been a boy scout the majority of his career. Things changed for Peter when he meets Lisa Page, an attorney for the FBI. I believe that Lisa was a avid feminist who saw Hillary Clinton as the salvation to the global plight of women – unaided by hallucinogens. So, Peter Strzok jumps on the band wagon and starts texting Lisa in a way to keep her aroused. Huge mistake! In so doing he has single handily destroyed his career and  destroyed the public confidence and respect for the world’s finest law enforcement agency. Dumb!

Alright, as always feel free to make unsupported statements, use uncensored profanity, insult anyone you wish or change the subject altogether. And, remember that we will never accuse you of being in denial!

Have a great weekend, be safe and spend some quality time with your friends and family.



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