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Readers have you been keeping up with the Trump bashing over the Helsinki Summit ? It’s like watching hookers going at it over who gets the trick. You’d think people with a fully loaded salary of over $270K a year could conduct themselves in a quasi professional manner. First some background.

  • First point – In 2014, the United States actively worked to depose Viktor Yanukovych, former President of Ukraine and pro Russian politician. You may recall Victoria Jane Nuland, the former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State, and her infamous “F— the EU” comment. When you read the leaked conversation she had with the U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine it becomes clear that the United States was interfering in the Ukraine to establish a more favorable government to NATO interests. This project began well before 2014 during the Clinton State Department. Russia responded to the interference by moving into Eastern Ukraine and annexing the Crimea via a referendum. Now, I may be terribly uninformed and / or naïve , but In this observer’s mind that event seems to be the reason for Russia’s 2016 interference in U.S. elections.
  • Second point – Edward Snowden, the pedantic little bastard, handed the Chinese and the Russians everything they wanted to know regarding NSA methods, practices and sources. For all of the Congressional chest thumpers blasting POTUS, keep in mind that the NSA was conducting intercepts against Angela Merkel and others. The last time I checked GmBH is an ally and a democracy.

So, here we are calling Vladimir Putin a liar and trashing our Commander In Chief when we too have dirty laundry that should be washed more discreetly. What we’ve done is provide the Russian propaganda machine the ammunition it needs to sell the idea that we are hypocrites.

So, Trump’s “we both have made mistakes” may not be that inappropriate and his attempt to lay the ground work to bridge U.S. – Russia relations.

The people calling for stronger sanctions against Russia may want to rethink that strategy. Here’s the reason why.

The EU is having its struggles and several of the Eastern European members are becoming weary of having a group of unelected bureaucrats dictate immigration policy. If those countries leave the EU and if Russia’s economy is subjected to more damage we may find a Russian/Eastern European coalition being formed.

The current Russian state armament program for the period (2011-2020) is a $250 billion project that’s been underway since 2010. This too is a response to Russian concerns about it’s sovereignty in light of being surrounded by NATO.

POTUS’ soft approach at Helsinki may be more enlightened than his critics make them out to be.

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