US Optics Precision Rifle Training


Precision Rifle Training Classes

Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to master the fundamentals of precision marksmanship from qualified professionals. Jake Vibbert and Nico Detour will be going over an array of topics including, but not limited to; equipment selection, rifle set up, hundred yard zero, gathering dope out to 1000 yards, truing ballistic computers, environmental factors, prone shooting, and more. Jake will focus on helping you perfect the five fundamentals of marksmanship; breathing, trigger control, follow through, natural point of aim, and sight picture. All course attendees will receive a $150 voucher towards any U.S. Optics B-Series Optic.

Instructor: Jake Vibbert and Nico Detour
Cost: $350
Van Voast Farms
3100 Irvine Flats Rd., Polson MT 59860
August 11th – Precision Rifle Training
August 12th – Precision Rifle Training (ladies only)
A list of required equipment will be emailed prior to the match.

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