Ballistic’s Best 1911: The Nighthawk Custom AGENT 2



Berryville, Arkansas Nighthawk Custom Firearms is proud to have produced the Ballistic’s Best 1911 of 2018. Edging out 11 competitors, among them Wilson Combat, Kimber, Springfield Armory, and Smith & Wesson, the AGENT 2 took the top slot.
A collaboration with Agency Arms, the AGENT 2 is the Nighthawk Custom epitome of the modern combat handgun evolved from the John Moses Browning classic 1911. The AGENT 2 scored top marks in aesthetics, accuracy, and reliability.
Trigger control, sights, reload ease, and ergonomics also garnered superior scores during the AGENT 2’s evaluation placing it as the 1911 of note for 2018, even among a distinguished crowd of firearms.
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