August is National Shooting Sports Month and Need An Excuse To Go Shooting?


 National Shooting Sports Month

Start Planning Your Activities For National Shooting Sports Month

Need an excuse to go shooting during the month of August? Probably not, but in case you do, August is National Shooting Sports Month. It’s a 31-day excuse to go target shooting. All month long, ranges and retailers across the country are holding events, offering deals and sales, and like we said, it’s simply a great excuse to go shooting. What more motivation do you need? Here are few ways to celebrate:
1. Find an event near you
Visit to locate local ranges and retailers.
2. Enter the sweepstakes
Enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win one of the $38,000 in prize packages drawn weekly!
3. Introduce someone new
There’s nothing quite like seeing the excitement on a friend or family member’s face after they take their first shots. Bring someone new to the range and show them what it’s all about. Many ranges are holding
events geared specifically for first-time shooters.
4. Share it!
#LetsGoShooting is the theme of National Shooting Sports Month. Share the hashtag and your experiences on your social media networks, and remind others to give target shooting a try.
New to the shooting sports? No problem, ranges and firearms retailers across the country are staffed with skilled professionals and instructors who can explain the rules of safe gun handling and the basic skills needed to become a top shot. Learn the basics, what to expect at the range and shooting tips.

Join in on the fun this month! Share your promotions using the #LetsGoShooting hashtag.


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