Secure Outcomes Announces Second Quarter Results and Significant Product Restructuring including Price Reductions

Company Continues Trend of Strong Growth with Second Quarter in a Row of over 50% Sales Growth.

Evergreen, Colo. (August 2018)Secure Outcomes, announced today that second quarter financial results showed a 50% gain over the first quarter of 2018 with a profitable EBITDA of approximately 8% of revenue.

In addition, the Company announced today that it has restructured its product line including significant pricing decreases of up to 15%. For example, Secure Outcomes has dropped LS/GunSmoke pricing by about 10% and now provides financing to ATF approved Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) that have the ATF “Special Occupational Tax” (SOT) in place required by federal law to sell Class III/NFA firearms with terms of 45% down followed by two equal monthly payments for the balance.

The LS/GunSmoke™ livescan fingerprinting system, which enables Class III/NFA firearms retailers to meet federal ATF Rule 41F requirements, now offers three tiers of simple bundled solutions pricing:

  • LS/GunSmoke Core™ includes the base fingerprinting scanning system (control laptop, fingerprint scan device, fingerprint card printer, all control software, one-year hardware/software warranty and 24/7/365 telephone support hotline forever);
  • LS/GunSmoke Premium™ additionally includes a camera/photo printer to provide 2×2” glossy passport quality photographs;
  • LS/GunSmoke Elite includes all of the Core and Premium capabilities as well as electronic signature and hard carrying case for field use.

Jack Harper, CEO of Secure Outcomes, said, “I am happy to announce the product restructuring aimed at simplifying life for firearms dealers who must meet ATF 41F requirements. Dealers can now easily understand what they need to buy without the complications and configuration hassles they encounter with other vendors. In addition, because our revenues have shown such strong growth over the past two quarters while our costs have been dropping, we are able to pass those savings as well as simple financing on to our GunSmoke customers.”

Harper continued, “I very much appreciate the response of the market to our products and the confidence and faith that Class III/NFA dealers continue to show to Secure Outcomes. We now have over 100 Class III firearms dealers that depend on LS/GunSmoke – a major milestone for the Company.”

Secure Outcomes also has restructured and renamed the LS/Lite™ system to be the new LS/Professional™ solution. LS/Professional includes everything needed in one simple easy to understand live scan package that enables schools, airports, government agencies, hospitals, medical examiners, Fortune 500s and many others to easily meet background fingerprint check requirements.

Harper continued, “I am also happy to announce a 15% price drop for the LS/Professional solution. Market response to the ‘Professional has been excellent and we continue to aggressively develop market share.”

About Secure Outcomes:

Secure Outcomes designs and builds the industry’s easiest to use, most cost effective and best supported digital livescan fingerprinting systems available. The fast-growing Secure Outcomes customer base of approximately 400 users includes over 100 police departments, the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, major federal airports, a federal government financial agency with over $1-trillion in assets, over 100 large public-school districts, Fortune 500s, over 100 Class III NFA firearms manufacturers and dealers, commercial fingerprint service provider companies and many others across the country.

The LS family of digital livescan fingerprinting systems collect, archive and transmit forensic-quality fingerprint sets. The separate products are designed to inexpensively fulfill the demanding requirements of law enforcement, public schools, firearms dealers, military, banks, commercial and local, state and federal government users.

The Secure Outcomes systems also include optional military-grade data encryption to further protect sensitive fingerprint and other information.

Secure Outcomes systems are designed to operate anywhere in the world and are 100% programmed in Common Lisp, the artificial intelligence applications development language. U.S Patents 9,569,655, 9,342,732, 8,676,046 and 8,331,775.

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