Meet Greg Thompson: Designer of the Benchmade SOCP Line!

Greg was born in North Carolina and at an early age excelled at martial arts including wrestling, karate, taekwondo and Thai boxing as well as a variety of sports including football and track. He won accolades in a number of the above areas and used those skills to further his education; eventually receiving a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design from North Carolina State University. Along the way, Greg happened to watch the very first UFC competition and was immediately motivated to explore the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, eventually becoming one of the first people to receive a black belt from Royce Gracie, the first champion of the UFC.

Greg expanded his knowledge of a variety of martial arts and combined this with his ability to design edged weapons.This eventually led to the creation of the SOCP Dagger (Benchmade 176BK) which evolved in to a family of SOCP products – the result of a collaboration between Greg and the team at Benchmade Knife Company.

Having solidified numerous relationships within the Special Operations community, Greg introduced his new products to the SOF community with the intent of teaching not just edged weapon fighting, but a complete mind-set involving edged weapons as well as firearms and combatives training.Greg always emphasizes results versus the artistic side of martial arts.

“As an instructor and or student you must have no emotional attachment to any technique, just the answer. Tactics and technique are defined by the situation. The situations can vary moment to moment. So your tactics and techniques must vary as well.”

Greg’s latest offering – the Benchmade 390SBK SOCP 4.5 folder combines several decades of knowledge and experience as well as Greg Thompson’s signature design features in a folding knife designed for every day carry as a primary weapon.Historically, the SOCP daggers were designed to assist in creating space, time and opportunity for the operator to transition to another force option, seek hard cover or exit the area.The 390 4.5 was designed for use as that primary weapon when a firearm or other force option is not available.

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