“First Responders Serving First Responders”


At Tripwire Operations Group we believe that the most highly-trained keep our nation safe, and we help facilitate this through a multi-avenue approach…

  • Sell energetic materials and supplies for use in blasting, military, ordnance/IED disposal, R&D, proficiency training, detection K9, breaching operations, and more.
  • Provide critical life-saving training courses for local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies including SWAT/ESU type units; various US & foreign military, SOF, and SF units; medical personnel; firefighters; HAZMAT technicians; EOD/Bomb Squad technicians; explosive detection K9 teams; SAR personnel; other first responder personnel; as well as civilians (firearms and first aid).
  • Host an annual training conference and vendor exhibit that offers over 25 world-renowned instructors and 60 industry leading vendors.
  • Publish a FREE, online magazine (BRAVO-3), which facilitates the transfer of information, on an international scale, that is vital to the mission of law enforcement, emergency personnel, military, and first responders.



  • HME for K-9 Teams | Multiple Dates
  • Large Hide for K-9 Teams | Multiple Dates
  • RTG LE Pistol 101 | September 25
  • RTG Patrol Rifle 101 | September 26
  • RTG Pistol Combatives 202 | September 27
  • RTG Patrol Rifle Combatives 202 | September 28
  • RTG Pistol Vehicle Operations | September 29
  • Explosive Breaching Operations | Multiple Dates
  • HME Awareness | Multiple Dates
  • HME Operations | Multiple Dates
  • Explosive Materials Handler | December 17-18
  • Tactical Shooter Medicine | December 19

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