New Steiner S-Series Battle Sights

The amount of gear that modern infantry soldier carry into the field has consistently grown over the years. The new Steiner S-Series battle sights ensure that the optics contribute more performance for less weight.

These next-gen prism battle sights have it all — wider field of view, larger eye box and eye relief, faster acquisition, simple operation, unmatched optics and accuracy.

There are two sights in the series—S332 with 3x magnification and S432 with 4x magnification. Versatile enough to be utilized on carbines or machine guns, they provide shooters with a clear aiming point in all light conditions and all battlefield scenarios – from close quarter combat to medium range engagement or any situation in between with the ability to retarget instantaneously.
The compact S332 and S442, 3x and 4x magnification respectively, give shooters mid-range supremacy with astonishing fields of view of 12.9 yards and 15.4 yards at 100 meters. An unrivaled 80 mm of eye relief allows getting on target even when perfect positioning is not possible.
A large eye box and quality glass provides brilliant clarity in all environments while simple rotary digital controls located on the side make adjusting windage, elevation and reticle brightness convenient. Both sights come with the easy-to-use rapid dot reticles that are available in 7.62 and 5.56 calibrations. Additional attachment points are provided for adding lasers and other accessories.
The S-Series is designed to never fail. It is waterproof to 10 meters (33ft.), 100% fogproof (nitrogen filled) and can withstand up to 900 Gs of impact. Both sights are powered by one CR2032 battery.


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