Silent Legion .300 Norma Magnum

(September 12, 2018) – Silent Legion is empowering long range shooters by suppressing their sound without influencing accuracy. The .300 Norma Magnum suppressor is world renown for the performance abilities and superior build quality.

The patented SRS comes with the direct thread model. The SRS technology ensures the suppressor is firmly attached and will not come loose under pressure from multiple rounds. Shoot away and your suppressor will continue providing a strategic advantage.

The Quick Detach option is ideal for quick setup and takedown in the field. If you are moving and need every valuable second, take advantage of the quick detach option for the ultimate in convenience and versatility. It also has a Tri Lock Flash Hider to conceal you visually as well as audibly.

The titanium build is rock solid but only weighs 30-ounces. Direct thread mount options are available for ⅝-inch and ¾-inch with the patented SRS. Sound is reduced to 34 Db and kickback is also limited by the addition of this incredible suppressor.

The .300 Norma round has become a preferred option for long range shooters and pairing it with a suppressor creates the perfect combination of long range capabilities and tactile advantage. It was selected as the Advanced Sniper Rifle cartridge by SOCOM and the downrange abilities are fantastic. The round is a 338 Norma Mag necked down to a .30 cal bullet that delivers for long range shooters.

Key Lightweight Shooting Advantages:

  • Length – 11.25″

  • Diameter – 1.88″

  • Weight – 30 oz

  • Materials – Titanium

  • Finish – Cerakote

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