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Folks what a week. We have Apple launching a line of new iPhones and a watch that does all kinds of things; we also have a major hurricane, Florence, targeting the Southern Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina coasts, the Russian collusion fiasco is still lurking and the mainstream media fabricating stories. Can you imagine faulting The President for Florence? We need to redefine stupidity and I sincerely hope that your vote in November will send a loud message: “You may be stupid but we’re not!”

If this is not enough to send you straight to your therapist, I don’t know what is; however, do remember that your mental health practitioner studied the subject because they wanted to understand themselves. So why pay some jackass $150+ per hour – or more – when you can shoot the shit with us and achieve better results.

So, let’s talk Apple…

The 2018 Apple September launch event has come and gone but not without the customary uproar, over the new line of iPhones: iPhone XS Max, its little buddy the iPhone XS and a mainstream replacement for the iPhone x, the iPhone XR.  These phones will set you back from approximately $950 – $1099 depending on model. The good news is that there appears to be no additional charge for Chinese snooping hooks. It’ll be nice to see Apple make its phones in the U.S.A.

The Apple Watch Series 4,  is all-in on health with a built-in ECG and more. With the Apple watch, you can take an ECG and send the results to your physician. Personally, I would have serious concerns about a physician’s diagnosis based on Apple electrocardiography. Given the amount of opioid abuse, it would have been better for the phone to help you out with opioid induced constipation. Maybe the company’s Series 5, or greater, watches will detect moods leading to mass shootings and detonate.

The Russian Collusion

Mainstream media has largely avoided any discussion or analysis of what’s going on except to report on totally unrelated indictments of individuals associated, in varying degrees,  with Donald Trumps campaign in 2016.  So, here are some of my thoughts on the basis of what’s been released to date.

  1. How the dossier was born
    1. Fusion GPS, who employs Nellie Ohr the wife of Bruce Ohr, a DOJ official, is asked by the Clinton Campaign to conduct opposition research on Donald J. Trump. Fusion GPS then retains Christopher Steel’s firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, Ltd. to develop a dossier on Donald Trump. Fusion GPS informs Christopher Steel, a British citizen and former British intelligence officer, that they (assume Clinton Campaign) were interested in any details surrounding The Trump Organization’s desire to do business in  Russia which was broadly considered to be corrupt. An important fact that you need to know is that many U.S. corporations were already doing business in Russia; e.g. Boeing, McDonalds, Starbucks, Morgan Stanley, Pfizer and several others. So, I don’t understand why The Trump Organization, a multinational enterprise, is any different than the company’s I’ve already mentioned?
  2. What was the dossier trying to achieve?
    1. It’s clear that the objective was to dig up dirt that could be leverage against the Trump campaign denying him a 2016 election victory. It failed!
    2. So why is the dossier and alleged Russian collusion still alive? Perhaps the objective is to create evidence that could lead to a Trump impeachment. However, a Trump impeachment does not create a shift in power to benefit Hillary Clinton, or the Democratic Party. The House and Senate would still have a Republican majority. Vice President Pence would assume the helm and politically nothing changes.
    3. However, what could potentially change is the White House’s stance on trade. Donald Trump’s position on the Chinese trade imbalance was articulated by candidate Donald Trump even before he decided to run for office. So, as far as  China is concerned Donald J. Trump, the President, is bad for business; at risk is a $350 billion / yr. trade surplus with the United States and China’s exponential Chinese military expansion funded by that trade imbalance.
  3. In closing…
    1. Had Hillary Clinton won the election – China wins. Remember that the Clinton’s had a relationship with the Chinese dating back to 1990 ( i.e. research Chinagate )
    2. If Hillary Clinton loses her Presidential bid, but Donald J Trump is impeached – China wins.

Yes, you have government officials that openly colluded against Donald Trump, duped the FISA Courts, etc., but you don’t devote the time and level of resources that this national embarrassment has gotten just to get even.

So, my question to you is, would you explore the possibility of China involvement. Isn’t this the same government that had an operative in Sen. Feinstein’s organization for 20 years?

To those impacted by Florence…

We are praying that you’ll be spared but you’ve got to do your part and get to safety. This is a major storm and you need to take it seriously and act responsibly. Remember that emergency responders will not be able to reach you in a timely manner. Be safe!


In spite of impending disaster, keep your sweat pumps in low speed. Take care of yourselves and your families.

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