Become a Holiday Sportsman Show Launch Exhibitor

Now accepting early signups – Online Show opens Nov. 5 for Holiday Sales

Kansas City, MO (September 20, 2018): The 2018 Holiday Sportsman Showis a digital holiday sales promotion, a consumer-interactive virtual show, a content marketing event and an e-commerce sales generator all in one. Best of all, the innovative model ensures the show will have the attention of consumers.

For exhibitors, the Holiday Sportsman Show provides the unique opportunity to place their brands and products—complete with controlled and targeted messaging—in an environment where informed consumers are ready to buy, and without all the expense and hassle that can accompany brick and mortar shopping.

Starting November 5, 2018, outdoor gear companies will be displaying in online show booths and serving consumers who seek out online e-commerce shopping in this innovative and unique holiday sales promotion, which lasts a total of 56 days, 24-hours-a-day throughout the 2018 holiday season! No other sports show model comes close to this kind of continual and comprehensive exposure! And besides the obvious marketing, advertising, and sales benefits, Holiday Sportsman Show participation also supports 4-H Shooting Sports, High School and College fishing teams, conservation efforts and veterans.

For more information or to register as a Holiday Sportsman Show Exhibitor, contact VexpoShows at (816) 246-5626 or email before September 30, 2018.

Here are the simple steps to connect with buying consumers in the Holiday Sportsman Show. (The Holiday Sportsman Show team even builds your digital display in the show.)

  • Sign and return an insertion order by September 30.
  • Complete your digital Booth Build form and return to VexpoShows by October 10.
  • Participate in the optional Fundraiser Gift Card program to generate your sales and support the Show’s Youth, Conservation and Veterans beneficiaries.
  • Invite your customer lists and social media followers to attend the Holiday Sportsman Show and visit your digital display. The Holiday Sportsman Show will provide information and graphics for your consumer communications.

Watch and learn more in this comprehensive video that covers the unique promotional and marketing opportunities the Online Holiday Sportsman Show represents!

About the Holiday Sportsman Show

The Online Holiday Sportsman Show is a property of VexpoMarketing, L.L.C., based in Missouri. VexpoMarketing develops digital products designed to serve outdoor activities and outdoor consumers, including businesses and organizations that provide goods and services for outdoor recreation.  A project of special dedication has been to bring traditional sports shows to a digital platform to give consumers sports show experiences in the online world.

VexpoMarketing properties, which include the Holiday Sportsman Show, North American Sport Show, Share the Outdoors website, and the National Wildlife Art show, believe that supporting conservation, youth and veterans organizations through fund-raising efforts and philanthropy is a service of great importance.

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