The knives themselves have been water jetted, chamfered, and heat treated. They are now being ground. The G10 Production Handles haves been prototyped and are being tweaked. I can’t overstate the important of getting the handles resolved when making a new knife model. So far so good. Right now we are still about 3-4 weeks behind schedule but they are moving steadily. Shipping window has moved from Sept. 15 to Oct 15th. We had over 100 pre-orders. Once the shipping window opens we will start getting them out as many as we can per week in the numeric order that they were placed. We appreciate your patience. We have been/ will be making updates on Instagram/facebook/newsletter/website as the shipping window gets closer/opens to keep everyone informed and to manage expectations.
Please resist the urge to contact us asking for an individual order status update. It really slows everything down. Don’t worry, We are on top of it.
Thanks everyone!

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