The National Black Eye!

Related imageI spent most of the day watching the Ford-Kavanaugh Judicial Committee hearing. What’s been done to both of these individuals is beyond the pail!  A plethora of unsubstantiated allegations were advanced along with suggestions that if Judge Kavanaugh did not call for an FBI investigation he is, by Senatorial proclamation, guilty of wrongdoing. Vulgar and Unbelievable!

Let me share with you moms and dads, Republican and Democrat what this event has achieved. Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have created precedent guaranteeing that your sons’ and daughters’ aspirations and futures can be damaged by allegations of things they may have done in their youth: high school, pledging for a sorority or fraternity, during beach week, party or other event.

There are reams of medical and behavioral research analyzing 16 – 24 year old behavior. These studies are addressed both men and women, heterosexual and homosexual. Without getting into medical or clinical granularity, studies have suggested that this age group is more influenced by physiology and peer pressure than by reason. I think that as parents you all know that. But, to allow allegations (especially unsubstantiated) of misconduct in that age group to cloud, and even destroy,  your son’s or daughter’s career and/ or character as an adult is a sin. This is precisely what Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have succeeded in doing.

Have a great weekend and be safe. Spend some time with your buds and family, and please vote November 6.

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