Things Aren’t as Large as They Seem

TGIF! Friday is here, the rain waters have subsided so we’re looking forward to a great weekend. I hope you’re all doing the same.  It’s also time for our Friday shoot the shit. For our new readers, a shoot the shit is a social interaction during which we discuss one or more topics. Participants don’t need to know anything about the topic(s) discussed, all unsupported comments are allowed, you can use uncensored profanity, insult anyone you wish or change the subject altogether.

Your other option is to pay some jackass who studied psychology, so they could understand themselves, $150 or more to listen to you. Can you imagine sitting in front of a Dr. Ford clone? Not me baby, especially when you can shoot the shit right here Pro bono publico! So let’s get started.

Image result for male underwear models

Many men feel inadequate about their male accoutrement, and for centuries women have done their level best to make men feel abundant. This leads to repressed feelings of inadequacy and men will respond by making up stories of grandeur. The condition is not helped by televised ads, like the Tommy John commercial, where the male model appears to be gifted. In fact, it’s not just Tommy John that exaggerates the male package. You can walk through Macy’s and other department stores and see models displaying an abundance of genitalia. Rest easy readers,  fashion industry photographers use male augmentation props and Tommy John’s model has never seen genitalia in the represented proportion.

SenateOn a more serious note, I have been blown away by the manner in which the Democrats have conducted Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. It’s a national embarrassment not to mention an emotional rollercoaster for Brett Kavanaugh and his family. More troubling is the defamation the judge has had to endure.  Democrats want to leverage the “Me Too Movement” to get the female vote on November 6, this is the same approach Hillary Clinton took, unsuccessfully, during the 2016 elections. I wonder how Senators Booker or Blumenthal would feel if someone accused them of rubbing their crotch against an aid while riding an elevator in the Russell Senate Office Building?

The other attack on Judge Kavanaugh that cracks me up, and this is laughable, is that he lacks judicial temperament. The man has sat on the Court of Appeals for Washington D.C., the second highest court in the land,  and has written 300 opinions. But, according to Democrats he lacks judicial temperament. Astonishing! How can you say that to Americans with a straight face? Judge Kavanaugh and his family is owed an apology for what they’ve been subjected to.

It is a huge miscalculation to think women are incapable of seeing through the smoke and rally around Dr. Ford!

Go ahead! Tell us what you think. We’ll never accuse you of being in denial. Have a great weekend, be safe, relax and spend some time with your buds and family – have a beer for God’s sake.

Please, keep in mind that November 6 is right around the corner and you need to get out and vote. The importance of this midterm election cannot be overemphasized!

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