The Bushmaster Unicorn, Also Known as ACR Caliber Conversions Do They Really Exist?

Unicorn Sasquach PatchHuntsville, AL – The Bushmaster ACR was brought to market in 2010 with the promise of unparalleled adaptability. The concept was simple; an extremely reliable, versatile, and modular platform, capable of tool-less configuration and caliber changes in minutes by swapping the bolt head, barrel and magazine. Unfortunately, much like a mythical creature, the caliber conversions have never been seen. Until now.

Finally, after many years of development, we are excited to announce the first of many new caliber conversions for the ACR. With fully ambidextrous controls, improved ergonomics, an ultra reliable gas piston operating system, and tool-less configuration and caliber adaptability, the ACR is now the most field adaptable Modern Sporting Rifle Platform available.


.450 Bushmaster Conversion

Ultimate stopping power for deer, bear or feral hogs


6.8 Rem SPC II

For increased energy and down-range performance


ACR Beauty Shot


Product Specifications


Order #


Magazine Capacity

2018 MSRP

16” .450 BM

ACR Conversion



16” FNC Treated 4150 CMV, 1 X 24 Twist

5 Round Polymer


18.5” .450 BM ACR Conversion



18.5” FNC Treated 4150 CMV, 1 X 24 Twist

5 Round Polymer


16” 6.8 SPC II ACR Conversion



16” FNC Treated 4150 CMV, 1 X 11 Twist

25 Round


About Bushmaster Firearms International

Bushmaster Firearms International (“BFI”) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of small-frame, AR-pattern firearms, as well as other firearm platforms and accessories. Its headquarters is in Madison, North Carolina, and its primary place of manufacture is Huntsville, Alabama. Its products are sold to civilian and government end users in the United States as well as over fifty countries around the world. Visit our web site at

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