The Many Reasons You Need to Vote November 6, 2018

I hope you are all well, it’s been a difficult week for readers in the Florida Panhandle, especially those in the Mexico Beach Area. The images coming out of that area remind me of Homestead, FL after Andrew blew through Dade County.

We’ve also been subjected to the Justice Kavanaugh confirmation extravaganza. I for one, believe the Supreme Court picked up a brilliant jurist, who will be faithful to the Constitution and not attempt to rewrite it from the bench. All Americas can be thankful for that.

So we need a shoot the shit!

How about the upcoming November 6 elections? Are you voting early, or planning on going to the polls? Voters in the Florida Panhandle will need transportation to get to the polls and I hope volunteers and local elected officials will make transportation available to get those voters out and to the voting booths.

Why is the 6 November election so critically important? Let me give you a few reasons for you to vote…

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…because if you don’t these elected officials will be running the country!

Readers, have a great weekend. I hope you and your families came through Hurricane Michael safe and sound.   -SP

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