H_RD Slides are Now Shipping!


Hudson Mfg is pleased to announce that the H_RD Slides for our Pre-Order Customers are now shipping.
The H_RD slide is a variant of the H9 slide engineered to allow for the optimized mounting of red dot optics. The patent pending H_RD slide mounting plate system allows a single slide to use multiple optics. Initially, Hudson Mfg is offering a choice from three machined, steel mounting plates for:

  • Trijicon RMR
  • Shield RMS
  • Leupold DeltaPoint Pro


Every H_RD slide will ship with an anodized aluminum block-off plate for use when an optic is not mounted. The H_RD features a suppressor height front sight to use with the integrated back-up rear sight on the RMS, the optional rear sight on the DeltaPoint Pro, or the integrated suppressor height rear sight on the RMR mounting plate.
The hardened steel mounting plates fit over a robust pivot surface and rotate securely into cuts in the slide. The result is a robust system that prevents forward and rearward motion of the plate and provides the assurance that the H_RD plates will keep your optic in place while shooting. The H_RD slide is engineered to allow for the lowest possible mounting surface without sacrificing weight, reliability, or compromising critical features.
If you find yourself running more than one variant of these fine red-dot optics, additional mounting plates are available separately on our

Thank you for your Pre-Orders & Congratulations to our Drawing Winners!

Customers who took advantage of our H_RD pre-sale enjoyed a 9% discount on the H_RD leading up to shipment of the first production. We thank you for being early adopters of Hudson Products.  Early pre-sale customers were entered for a chance to win their choice of popular red dot optics currently supported on the H_RD.  Congratulations to our winners!

  • Duston Saunders – DPP
  • Julio Henriques – RMR
  • Merrick Tsai – RMR

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