Shoot Like A Girl’s President and Founder Joins Other Gun Owners on Cover of TIME Magazine



Athens, AL –October 25, 2018 – Karen Butler, President and Founder of Shoot Like A Girl, joins other gun owners on the cover of TIME magazine. TIME Magazine created a project with the artist, JR, called Guns in America to show the Nation’s discussion on guns through pictures and their own words. Dianna Muller of the DC Project rallied many to be part of the project.

The project is a mural that has movement and sound. Viewers are able click on the pictures and can hear participants own words about why they support the firearms industry. Click to read about the making of the mural, and read more at Why TIME Devoted an Issue to Guns in America.

Butler stated, “My hope is that people can hear the passion gun owners have on this issue and, hopefully, provide them information to bring us together.” Karen’s picture is under the “E” on the cover, a few rows down. Please explore all the other comments and points of view.

Media requests are welcome to further discuss the importance of women gaining confidence through shooting sports.

For sponsorship information or to learn more about SLG2, visit Shoot Like A Girl online, or visit at Facebook and Twitter.

About Shoot Like A Girl:

Shoot Like A Girl is the industry leader in growing the number of women in shooting sports by giving women across the country the experience of shooting a pistol, rifle, and bow in a safe controlled women friendly environment, that empowers them with the confidence they can shoot. Please recognize the following Shoot Like A Girl Corporate Partners who enable them to grow the number of women in shooting sports and change lives, one shot at a time:

Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Tikka, Charter Arms, Colt, GLOCK, Magpul, Savage, Springfield Armory, Peltor Sport, Truglo, Lyman, Trijicon, ThermacellMossy Oak, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Beman, Federal Premium Ammunition, Hoppes, Elite Archery and Scott Archery, Mathews, Hoyt, Neet Archery Products, S & S Outdoors, Loyal Dog Food, Record Rack,and Upper Canyon Outfitters

Karen & the artist, JR
Take 1
JR told Karen not to smile…
does he know her?
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