DJI Replaces AirMap with PrecisionHawk to Improve Geofencing Technology.


DJI has chosen PrecisionHawk as their new data provider, replacing DJI’s previous geospatial data provider AirMap. PrecisionHawk’s LATAS platform will provide the highly accurate details DJI needs, such as the exact locations of airport runways and facility boundaries, to support the enhanced shapes in GEO 2.0.

After years of development and testing, we are excited to leverage our LATAS platform to support DJI’s customers in conducting safe drone operations across North America.

—Diana Cooper, Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy, PrecisionHawk

LATAS, which was tested under the FAA Pathfinder Program to facilitate safe beyond visual line of sight operations, brings a combined set of geospatial and software tools to the market. In addition to providing improved geospatial data, the LATAS platform features specialized display elements, including telemetry and access to the Harris real-time manned aircraft feed. Using these elements pilots can easily observe the relative altitude and horizontal separation of intruding aircraft and other mission-critical measures.

DJI also stated that a shared mindset of safety and innovation led DJI to choose PrecisionHawk as their new data provider.

DJI is pleased to partner with companies that support our vision of safe skies that are open to innovation…PrecisionHawk shares DJI’s commitment to ensuring that safety technology enhances the ability of recreational and commercial drone pilots to fly.

For detailed information click here

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