Howard Leight by Honeywell UVEX Eyewear–A Brief Review


Howard Leight Shooting Sports, now a division of Honeywell Safety Products, introduced, in September, a line of sports eyewear marketed as UVEX HYPERSHOCK. I’ve had the opportunity to test drive these glasses over the past two months and over three range sessions and found them to be an excellent value offering for your eye protection.

For starters, their HydroShield Anti-Fog Coating gives these lenses 60 time longer anti-fog and twice the scratch resistance of competing offerings. I found that level of performance to be desirable in this hot and humid environment, but just to convince myself that my initial impression was empirically supported, I placed the glasses in the freezer and brought them out into an environment with a relative humidity of 70% and an ambient temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Pleasantly, there was no fogging, great!

All of the UVEX sport glasses provide 99.9% UV protection; important for shooters in the sunbelt where eye damage is almost a certainty without some form of UV protection.

The glasses offer excellent eye protection from foreign matter. Two attributes play a key role. First, these wrap-around glasses sit close to the face and completely surround and protect the eyes. Second, the UVEX Hypershock meets ANSI Z87.1+ specifications. Meeting that specification means that its lenses have the ability to withstand a high velocity impact from foreign matter. Note, I’m not suggesting any form of ballistic protection nor are they intended to replace your ESS, Revision or Oakley eyewear, but let’s face it, trips to the range can sometimes be hard on your kit and I would rather replace a $13 pair of safety glasses than $190 Revision.

Shooting with these glasses was surprisingly impressive. It’s been my experience that the application of coatings can at times degrade clarity particularly when focusing your eyes on a red dot or reticle. Again, no problem here, and the UVEX glasses were very good in that respect.

Comfort is also an important consideration and I usually have problems with the nosepiece cutting into my nose, but that was conspicuously absent with the UVEX glasses, its soft coated nosepiece took care of that issue. The polycarbonate lens and full frame construction is very light providing an excellent fit. The UVEX Hypershock glasses ship in a 125mm frame size, which worked just fine but I would prefer a size of 140mm.

The UVEX Hypershock glasses are excellent safety glasses that will keep those lovely peepers protected from nasty UV rays and debris. You are only given a single pair of eyes, and given current technology they are irreplaceable, but you can purchase a pair of UVEX sport glasses for under $15 USD.

Your eyes will be protected and you’ll look pretty sharp in the process. The glasses are available in a variety of frame styles and lens tints. Check them out!

– SP

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