The latest and greatest from Mantis HQ:


1) We were awarded 2018 Accessory of the Year!  Read the full details here. Kudos to NASGW-POMA for recognizing smaller upstarts in the midst of industry giants.
2) New drills for rifle!  (And lots of other small tweaks and changes) Make sure you have the latest app update.
3) Free shipping (for US orders) until Christmas!  MantisX is still the best holiday gift you can buy for a friend, a loved one, or yourself.
Get one or two more.
4) Holy adapters, Batman!  We keep releasing more adapters (now over 50). If your gun doesn’t have a rail, get an adapter.  You also have our permission to get a new gun with a rail.
5) Many of you have asked for point-of-impact feedback in addition to the MantisX analytics. 
We now sell 9mm laser bullets (by Pink Rhino).  Insert into the chamber like any dummy round, and fire away.  Works great with MantisX!
6) If you’re going to SHOT Show, you’ll want to stop by booth 2138 and see the new “stuff” we have coming out (the ambiguity is intentional).  We’re doing some things that most have never even thought about.  Think in terms of this:  the new “stuff” ain’t just faster horses.
We’re just getting started.

Team Mantis


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