NEW Hi-Point pistol for 2019

MKS Supply, Inc., Dayton, OH –January 14, 2019 – New Hi-Point pistol.

Hi point will be introducing a new pistol in latter half of 2019. The new 9mm high capacity (also new for Hi-Point) compact pistol will have a threaded barrel and many new features.

This is not an old model with a few tweaks like the latest version of someone’s 1911. This is an entirely new pistol of a more contemporary design and yet will retain Hi-Point’s affordable pricing, reliability, robust construction, accuracy and owner following lifetime warranty.

Hi-Point is not a model flipping company and it has been years since their last new pistol design was unveiled. Their thought process is basically, if it works well and people can afford it, then it works well! However, Hi-Point’s new owner wanted a more contemporary compact high-capacity pistol that is still Hi-Point affordable, robust, reliable and accurate.

This new pistol is in “stealth” prototype stage and our media relations firm could not even get an image of it. However, there will be 3D printed models at the 2019 SHOT Show booth 16144 for examination–bring your 3D printed ammo and we will shoot at 3D printed targets, bet someone does that!

So for more information and a look-see of the most recent member of the Hi-Point family come by the MKS Supply booth 16144 (main floor) at the 2019 SHOT Show and see it and Hi-Point carbines and other pistols, Inland .30 caliber carbines, shotguns, pistols and of course the new to the U.S., the ultra hi-quality Barnaul Ammunition line from Russia.

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