It’s Not a Toilet or Urinal !

It’s Shot Show weekend so many of you are traveling, or getting ready to leave for Vegas so have a safe trip. If you’re driving get an adequate amount of rest, if applicable, and drive safely.

It’s Friday and time for our weekly shoot-the-shit. We recommend shooting the shit regularly rather than listening to a jackass who studied psychology so they could understand themselves. During this type of social interaction, participants don’t need to know anything about the subject being discussed, so you are free to make unsupported statements, use uncensored profanity, insult anyone you wish or change the subject altogether. So, let’s get started.


Today’s topic is an in-depth discussion of a little know bathroom fixture called the “Bidet (pronounce B-day).”

The Bidet is not a common bathroom fixture in the United States, but if you travel to Europe or if you mingle with the upper echelon of America’s society you are likely to encounter one.

The Bidet is designed specifically to enhance personal hygiene by facilitating genital and anal cleanliness. These anatomical areas are often ignored because they cannot be conveniently cleaned. Yet it’s particularly important to women.

After completing a bowl movement, women must be extremely careful to wipe using a slow upward motion. If you clean yourselves using a downward motion, you risk accumulation fecal matter at the vagina. As you know, feces is teeming with bacteria so you risk developing a severe infection. The vaginal wall mucosa is like a Petri dish and once infected it is difficult to treat, and you could experience severe vaginal discharges with a permeating pungent aroma that is offensive to the average olfactory senses.

Men don’t have the same issues as women but they tend not to be thorough when cleaning themselves after a bowl movement, resulting in the embarrassing and revealing staining of underwear.

The bottom line is that genital and anal hygiene is paramount, and indeed, the hallmark of excellent personal hygiene.

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There are a number of Bidet designs and they often look like a toilet, or urinal, but keep in mind that although a Bidet drains, it cannot be flushed. The Bidet supplies a temperature controlled stream of water that can be focused to clean the vaginal and anal areas. Urinating in a Bidet although possible would expose you as an imbecil.

To properly use the Bidet, complete your bowl movement and tissue cleaning then move to the Bidet, adjust the water temperature to your liking and open the water jet with as much pressure as you feel comfortable with.

This video will provide you with a simple overview of how to properly use the Bidet.

Have a great weekend, be safe, enjoy Shot Show and Vegas!

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