An anchor pool is a great Naval tradition. Simply stated, participants select a day and time for a port call. For example, if you think you’ll be making a port call on 20 Jan 2019 at 08:30, you select that slot. It usually costs a couple of bucks per pick. When the port call occurs, the winner gets the pot.

We are going to have a slightly different variant of that, which will cost you nothing to participate but you could win a prize. So here it is…

Pick the date when you think Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation will end, and if you’re correct, we’ll send the you a Grand Moff Tarkin, Star Wars action figure absolutely free !


To enter, visit and use the Contact Us tab. Start your message with the words “Anchor Pool” and be sure to include a date when you think the investigation will end.

When the Mueller investigation comes to a close we will contact you via e-mail and arrange to ship your action figure. You will not be contacted for any reason other than to notify you of a win.

This anchor pool is not open to Special Counsel Bob Mueller or any member of the Special Counsel’s team.

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