3M Peltor Introduces The ComTac VI NIB


The ComTac VI NIB sixth-generation headset now being introduced by 3M Peltor, based in Värnamo, Sweden, feature several new and improved capabilities:

• NIB – Natural interaction Behavior
• MAP – Mission Audio Profile
• MI – Magnetic induction Input
• Software-driven electronics
• Voice-guided menu

The NIB feature enables natural face-to-face communication in high noise level environments without the use of an external communication radio. Just approach the person you wish to talk to, and the NIB headsets will connect, allowing for close-range communication in high noise.

The ComTac VI also introduces Mission Audio Profiles (MAP), a new advanced environmental listening function for auditory situational awareness. MAP allows users to adapt and optimize the environmental listening function under four different scenarios: Observation, Patrolling, Conversation and Comfort.

At 3M Peltor, user performance and safety are priorities when developing new products. With the ComTac VI you can hear and maintain a high degree of auditory awareness in quiet and communicate more easily with other NIB users in close proximity when noise levels are high, all while wearing hearing protection,” commented Fredrik Johansson, Global Product Marketing Manager at 3M Peltor. The technologies introduced in the ComTac VI provide a game changer for military headset users. As with previous ComTacs, the new headset can be connected to external radios for long range communications and is also connectable to certain chemical and CO2 respirator facepieces.

For more information please mail fredrik.johansson@mmm.com  or call Customer service at your local 3M office.

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