With the release of the futuristic CRKT® Kinematic™ technology comes the game-changing Provoke™.


Designer Joe Caswell has always been regarded as somewhat of a mad scientist. When he introduced Kinematic™ technology to the CRKT® team, the title was eternalized. One gentle nudge on the upper crossbar activates this completely unique opening mechanism and the blade lunges to life without the user ever losing a firm grasp on the handle. A discrete lever at the base of the handle unlocks the blade, allowing it to retreat into its closed position.

With the advent of Kinematic™ came its first jaw-dropping application: the Provoke™. Modeled after a traditional karambit, the black oxide-finished hawkbill-style blade is forged of a premium D2 steel for high durability and excellent edge retention. The handle is equally as considered. It’s crafted of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum for supreme toughness, and in true Joe fashion, the pocket clip is also a world’s first—sitting almost completely flush with the handle and likewise activated with light thumb pressure.

Of his incredible innovation, Caswell says, “I look at it as the first step in a new direction. I like to think it exposes some fertile ground for further development not only by myself, but other designers as well.”

Kinematic™ comes up strong when it’s called in for duty.

How Kinematic™ Works

Gently nudge the upper crossbar with your thumb—while the rest of your fingers firmly grasp the handle—and the blade lunges to life. Shift the discrete lever at the base of the finger loop and the blade retreats into its closed position.

The Provoke™ manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $200.00

Link to Product Information Page: https://www.crkt.com/provoke.html



  • SKU: 4040
  • Blade: Length: 4.41″ (61.2 mm)
  • Edge: Plain
  • Steel: D2
  • Finish: Black PVD Coating
  • Thickness: .21″ (5.3 mm)
  • Closed: 4.97″ (126.2 mm)
  • Open: 7.25” (184.1 mm)
  • Weight: 6.1 oz (173 g)
  • Handle: 6061 Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Style: Folding Knife w/Kinematic™

Founded in 1994, CRKT® is the industry’s premier brand of knives, tools, and lifestyle accessories, with a reputation for innovative design. For more information, call: (800) 891-3100, email: info@crkt.com, on the web: http://www.crkt.com.

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