New From Kestrel® Kestrel HUD & Kestrel Ballistics 2700.


Kestrel® 2019 New Products

A couple of new offerings for 2019 from Kestrel®. The Kestrel HUD($399), Kestrel HUD Remote, and the Kestrel Ballistics 2700 ($179). The Kestrel 2700 features the Applied Ballistics® Ultralite engine.  More information including a launch date coming in a future email.

“The Kestrel 2700 Ballistics Weather Meter ($179) sets the standard for long-range accuracy, reliability, and affordability. Combining onsite wind and weather measurements with an accurate ballistics solver – the 2700 delivers precise firing solutions for dead-on aim at long-distance targets. From youth hunters to the lifelong outdoorsmen, the Kestrel 2700 eliminates the guesswork allowing you to be confident in a clean shot on the first-round.

  • Accurate Environmentals – Measures wind speed and direction, temperature, and altitude
  • G1/G7 Ballistics Solver – Large library of independently tested bullet data
  • User-Friendly – Simple 3 button operation and Easy Mode step-by-step guidance on getting started
  • Rugged, All-Weather Durability – IP-67 Waterproof, MIL-STD-810 drop-tested, and backed by 5-Year Warranty
  • Protective Slip-On Cover – Slides over the entire unit for added durability
  • Load & Go Convenience – Set up in the gun profiles via the app, then leave your phone behind — the 2700 is fully functional as a stand-alone field tool
  • App Supported Option with LiNK – Easily build, store, and transfer gun and bullet data to and from unit

The Kestrel HUD Heads Up Display ($399) gives precision shooters the competitive edge with distinct features for improving visibility, performance, and confidence especially in fast-moving, high-pressure match situations. This gun-mounted, sturdy, clear display puts accurate firing solutions and critical target data right in your line of sight –where you need it most.

  • Single Target Screen – Displays accurate firing solution along with target and environmental details
  • 10-Target Display – View up to 10 targets without ever breaking out of the scope
  • Large Font Option – Experience better visibility with this enlarged, clear, easy-to-read screen
  • DOPE Card Screen – Eliminates the need for sleeves, providing convenient eye-level access to ballistic data” –
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