The “Do-It-All” Shooters Shooting Bag, the Crosstac VIPER Bag

Designed to accommodate the various odd positions employed by Precision Rifle Series (PRS) matches, the Crosstac VIPER Bag is the most versatile shooting bag for competition, hunting or just a day on the range.

Loveland, Col. (January 2019) Crosstac, the innovator behind tactical/shooting gear for the serious competitor to the beginner shooter, announce their new VIPER shooting bag for shooters and hunter is available.

As competitive shooters themselves, the team at Crosstac realized setting up shots during competitions was difficult at least. Stations required balancing on one foot, shooting over, around, or under barricades and natural features, taking the enjoyment out of the event. Traditional shooting bags were cumbersome, some pretty heavy to carry around and all of them required time and effort to configure into something that would allow you to get a decent shot off.

The VIPER was designed specifically to be the end-all shooting bag that “does-it-all.” The bag opens to straddle barricades or anything you encounter. The legs are different widths so you can configure under your arm for low, medium or high angle shots. The asymmetrical leg design with three different heights; 4,” 9” and 13” supports a variety of offhand shooting positions. A bungee cord on the side allows you to squeeze the bag and get rid of extra air, making it a firmer bag with extra height. Super lightweight at only 10.5 ounces, it also has a light carabiner to clip it to anything you might need.

The VIPER Shooting bag has a zipper to allow the user to adjust the fill as needed. The bag is filled with an ultralight poly fill in a 500D Mil-Spec material in Olive Drab, Coyote Brown, Multicam/Blaze Orange, Multicam Arid or Multicam. Mil-Spec stitching on the VIPER assures it can withstand years of hard hunting or competition. Take two VIPER shooting bags and clip them together and you’ll get a stackable big block bag. The VIPER Shooting bag is as versatile as your imagination and designed to bring the best in shooting performance out in you. MSRP: $89.99.

“The VIPER Shooting Bag is another example of a product borne out of a real need,” Bret Heidkamp, one of the founders and president of Crosstac and competitive shooter, said. “That is what makes Crosstac unique. Our products are real solutions to the problems competitive shooters and hunters find in the field.”

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About Crosstac:

Headquartered in Colorado, with an additional factory in Florida, Crosstac designs and manufactures innovative tactical/shooting gear featuring smarter features that provide enhanced accuracy, performance and an overall better shooting experience for the serious competitor to the beginner shooter.

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