Glock 43X, 48 and ZEV Technologies OZ9

Paul Levy shows us the brand-new Glock® G43X and G48 pistols. The G43X is the wildly popular G43 9mm EDC pistol with the length and thickness of the grip bumped up just enough to accommodate a 10-round magazine – that’s FOUR (4!) more rounds than the G43.

The G48 has the G43X frame topped with a G19-length slide – for those who want a carry pistol with a longer sight radius and more muzzle velocity.

The ZEV Technologies OZ9, a “feature-rich” 9mm/17-rd pistol whose polymer frame has a full-length steel chassis inside, not just the steel slide rails typical of most poly-framed pistols. This makes the OZ9 a very stable, smooth-shooting competition pistol. It also has a Trijicon RMR mounting slot, an oversized mag release button, a flared magwell opening, and MUCH more.

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