Guns arrive; Zenith begins fulfilling back orders

March 12, 2019

Afton, VA: Zenith Firearms opened its doors late Monday night to welcome its first large shipment of MKE guns in more than a year. The quantity received equips Zenith to satisfy nearly half of its current back orders. A similar shipment next quarter will satisfy remaining back orders for model Z-5RS and enable limited new sales activity.

Effective March 18, Zenith will begin accepting distributor, dealer, and consumer-direct preorders for all configurations of its Z-5RS.

A recently negotiated contract between Zenith and MKE stipulates 2019 production and delivery of models Z-3 and Z-33, in addition to third- and fourth-quarter deliveries of model Z-5P in quantities that exceed Zenith’s backlog.

We appreciate MKE’s diligence, despite a difficult last year in Turkey, to reestablish production for the U.S. market as a top priority, and to secure our ability to reliably and consistently respond to the demands of our customers going forward.

About Zenith Firearms: Zenith Firearms is a family-owned company based in Virginia that imports, distributes, customizes, and services roller-delayed blowback firearms. Zenith is licensed to manufacture and import destructive devices, and to export and broker defense articles.

Sales inquiries: Ben Bergamini, 919-368-3940,

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