Brownells New Products


New Products: Swarovski dS Scope, HK VP9 Long Slide & Brownells BRN-10 Grip

This week Paul Levy shows us the swank new Swarovski dS Smart Rifle Scope. The dS is so technologically advanced it pretty much does everything FOR you, except pull the trigger. Almost. It automatically calculates range out to 1,500 yards and adjusts for many other factors before it displays the correct aiming point for you. You adjust its settings via a Bluetooth® connected app on your smart phone. For handgunners, Paul has the VP9 long slide conversion assembly from Hechler & Koch. Available even before H&K releases a complete long-slide VP9, the kit turns a standard VP9 into one sweet competition pistol, with adjustable rear sight, fiber optic front sight, and a super-tight barrel lockup. Finally, Paul has the Brownells BRN-10™ Pistol Grip that looks just like the early Armalite® AR-10® grip but is subtly bulked up a bit to fill the hand better and modified to fit both the BRN-10™ and a standard AR-15 lower receiver.

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