You guessed it, it’s Friday and time to wind up a busy week to prep for Easter weekend. Hopefully, your time won’t be consumed by household choirs and you’ll have time to enjoy your Easter. It’s also time for our weekly shoot the shit. Given the week’s events, we all need it, even if it happens to be Good Friday.

New readers may wonder what a shoot the shit is, I’ll explain. Rather than spending $150+ per hour so you can share your thoughts and feelings with a jackass who studied psychology so they could understand themselves, the shoot the shit accomplishes the same thing with superior efficacy.

In a shoot the shit, the participant does not need to know anything about the subjects being discussed, they can make any unsupported comment or claim, use uncensored profanity, insult anyone they wish or change the subject altogether. They work great with office coworkers, buds and family members, so give it a try. If you can’t get your own shoot the shit going, join ours. It’s free and we love the interaction. So here we go.

Is everyone up to speed on the Notre-Dame fire in Paris? This 800 year old Parisian landmark is an extraordinary piece of world history, and on its own, it stands as a scepter for hundreds of years of history. The fire is believed to have been caused by a short circuit in electrical wiring in the cathedral’s attic. The current estimate to reconstruct Notre-Dame is 8€ billion. The French government has committed to rebuild the cathedral in five years. Notre-Dame accounts for the lion’s share of tourism in Paris’4th arrondissement so it’s a huge financial hit.


I have to complement the 400 French pompadours for minimizing the fire damage and mitigating the risk of fire to the surrounding buildings. It was tragic to watch such an extraordinary site succumb to flames.

En français: Je dois compléter les 400 pompadours français pour minimiser les dégâts d’incendie et atténuer les risques d’incendie pour les bâtiments environnants. C’était tragique de voir un site aussi extraordinaire succomber au feu.

Democratic U.S. Presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg , decided to deliver his heartfelt sorrow for the Notre-Dame fire in French to impress the audience with his language skills.

Pete has really disappointed me when he attacked Vice President Pence and his faith because he believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. What Pete attempted to do is assail VP Pence’s faith and core beliefs, not from a policy position, but by placing his faith and spirituality above Vice President Pence. Lack luster at best! I would love to know if Pete’s Christianity acknowledges the bible as the word of God, and what his thoughts are on Leviticus 20.

My read on Pete Buttigieg is that he is an academic at heart. Both of his parents are professors and his studies are consistent with academic aspirations. If any of you have ever had interactions with academics you’ve experienced that when they schedule meetings to address challenges, the first and second meetings are spent establishing each other’s credentials, which is quite likely what Pete was trying to do during his French discourse.

Pete Buttigieg was a reeeeeeeezzzzerv Naval Intelligence Officer, achieving the rank of Lieutenant. Lt. Buttigieg was in Afghanistan for a whopping 7 months during which time he probably spent the majority of his time approving leave chits and fighting his way to the officer’s mess; irrespective of that we thank him for his service.

If you look at his career you’ll note short periods of various activities all leading to his political pursuits. It seems fairly clear to me that Pete Buttigieg was designing a resume, but along that route did he create something of value. I’ve seen nothing to that effect but I’m open to any correction to that position.

Pete is a well educated individual, but readers I would rather sit through a looped TAKL APP commercial than listen to a Buttigieg rally.

Being the first openly gay President is appealing, especially to the Entertainment Industry, and I personally believe that sexual orientation is not a qualifier or disqualifier for Presidential Office, but if he’s elected, I sure as hell hope Pete Buttigieg won’t turn the place into La Cage aux Folles 2 – La Maison Blanche.

Have a great Easter!


Correction: Notre-Dame is 850 yrs old.

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