DAYTON, OHIO – April 24, 2019, MKS Supply LLC., exclusive marketers and distributors for Hi-Point Firearms, Inland Manufacturing, and Barnaul Ammunition, have announced that effective April 24, 2019 Kara Brown-Boesenberg has entered into a minority ownership agreement with President Charles Brown. Kara has been, and will continue to be, involved in working closely with MKS Supply Inc.’s manufacturing partners as well as managing accounts and maintaining oversight of marketing strategies as her day to day responsibilities.

MKS Supply LLC. recently reached a significant milestone as they have entered into their 30th year of business. Charles Brown, the current owner, has been in the industry for 38 years and has been an outdoors enthusiast for his entire lifetime. His grandfather and father built a local firearms shop and shooting range that was opened in 1953. Charlie grew up in that retail store, and has always had a profound understanding and love of not just the firearms industry but also its ties to community, and the role of family in the outdoor sports community.

It is with family in mind that Kara joined MKS Supply in 2014 as the 4th generation of the family in the firearms industry. Kara’s background previous to following in those generational foot-steps included several years as a teacher. Experience as a teacher and coach as well as her role as a mother of two young boys offers her a unique perspective in not only the industry, but specifically some of the most recent and complex challenges our industry has faced. Coupled with her passion for preserving our second amendment freedoms and general love and enthusiasm for all things outdoors, she is the perfect fit for continuing the Brown family’s love and dedication to the firearms and outdoor sports industries.

About MKS Supply LLC.

MKS Supply is the exclusive distributor and marketer of Hi-Point Firearms, Inland Manufacturing, and Barnaul Ammunition. MKS Supply is proud to partner with responsible gun makers, distributors, retailers, and enthusiasts in maintaining and encouraging the American tradition of gun ownership for the current and future generations.

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