The X3 and X10 are here.


We can’t wait to get the next generation of Mantis in your hands!
For the last three years, we’ve quarantined our brilliant engineers to do a complete redesign of MantisX.  From custom hardware to powerful algorithms and elegant design, this is the greatest tech you can get your hands on.
The X3 features a higher data rate, longer battery life, and addictive quick disconnect.  And we can’t even begin to describe the magnitude of the “under the hood” changes required to make the X3 what it is.
The X10 is for the shooter who wants to take things to the next level, with additional functionality including a RecoilMeter and analysis, holster draw analysis, and many other dynamic shooting analytics.
You can order today! 
The X3 starts shipping this month.  The X10 starts shipping next month. Going to NRAAM?  You can get your grubby hands on one there. Stop by and say hi!
Learn more about all the advantages and differences between models here.

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We’re just getting started.
Train on,
Team Mantis

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