Transcend Tactical Introduces the Only Affordable Mobile Gas Deployment System


The Vantage robot’s proven lifesaving capabilities are increasingly incorporated into more SWAT units, protecting lives at an affordable price.

Kokomo, Ind. (April 2019)Transcend Tactical, a company focused on saving the lives of civilians and police officers during tactical situations, has launched a gas deployment system that can be added to their Vantage robot. It can now safely deploy two hot or cold gas grenades remotely and with mobility. Officers can now deploy hot gas deep within a structure, wherever and whenever desired. Another alternative to deadly force, a gas system can hinder an armed suspect. With officer-involved shootings receiving growing scrutiny and the promise of new state laws addressing these interactions, a mobile and remotely actuated gas deployment robot couldn’t have come sooner.

A SWAT captain from California said, “During certain tactical situations, I can roll the Vantage robot up to a subject and use the video and two-way audio to try to talk him into surrendering before deploying the gas. This removes the proximity stress and randomness of throwing a cartridge. It’s definitely a great alternative to employing deadly force.”

Transcend’s gas system has been tested by law enforcement and has been sold to multiple clients. A Commander from Colorado stated, “It is a major advantage to have a gas system option. We can get it into a house and position it how we want it and can even deploy flash bangs from it. There’s no need for an officer to go into a hostile situation with his gun drawn and risk shooting a suspect or being shot.”

Transcend Vantage Gas System, which has an encrypted digital signal, can currently deploy two Combined Tactical Systems hot or cold gas grenades individually with other options coming soon. It has a simple switch deployment and since it is mounted on the Vantage robot, it can easily climb stairs.

Transcend Tactical has developed its Vantage robot at a price point so that any agency can afford its life-saving capabilities. No dangerous tactical deployment should operate without it. For more information contact

Vantage Robot Gas Deployment - Hot Gas

Company Contact: Phillip Walker

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