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Witness the strongest, safest and cleanest bullet traps made

MUSKEGON, MI (April 25, 2019) – American Range Systems is revolutionizing the shooting industry by sharing the most advanced bullet catching technology available. A.R.S. bullet traps bring the range to the shooter. Whether you’re a private individual shooting on your own property; the owner of a public range; a law-enforcement or military training facility; or a gunsmith, manufacturer, pawn shop or other facility that needs to clear, proof- or function-test firearms, A.R.S. products take the fear and uncertainty out of knowing a bullet’s final resting place.

Offering nine models to stop everything from .22 LR to .50 BMG, A.R.S. bullet traps make it possible to safely shoot—indoors or outdoors—on one’s own property. “Our products let you transform any space into a safe, clean range,” says A.R.S. founder, Gary Mol. “I’ve got a customer in Texas who has one (an American Range Systems bullet trap) on each side of his television screen in his living room. They are going into a lot of basements, barns and backyards, but we’re also selling them to forensic labs, pawn shops, law-enforcement agencies and gunsmiths.”

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American Range Systems’ growing sales reflect a global market, with customers from nearly 20 countries, ranging from people shooting in their basements to companies that must proof-test rifles and ammunition, law enforcement and military organizations and more.

All American Range System products are manufactured in the U.S.A. For more information, visit


About American Range Systems

Headquartered in Ohio, all American Range Systems units are manufactured in the United States. Our mission is to create and share the most advanced bullet-catching technology that takes the fear out of knowing a bullet’s final resting place. Whether you are a private citizen looking to improve or sustain your shooting or a commercial business, ARS delivers the safest and cleanest way to bring the range to you, providing the ability to sight weapons, test weapon functions, test bullets and teach others safe firearms use within a personal or commercial range setting. American Range Systems is a subsidiary of Nexus Outdoors, which also markets and distributes ScentLok® OZ®, ScentBlocker®, Tree Spider®, Whitewater® and Hard Core® Apparel products. Learn more at


Nexus Outdoors, headquartered in Muskegon, MI, USA, is a leading worldwide designer, marketer and distributor of performance, hunting and casual odor-controlling apparel, footwear and equipment under the ScentLok®, OZ®, ScentBlocker®, Scent Shield®, Whitewater Outdoors® and Tree Spider® brands. Nexus Outdoors is the only company with access to all scent-controlling technologies, including their patented Carbon Alloy technology and Trinity technology, which provide superior success in the field. ScentLok and Scentblocker are pioneers in the hunting industry, which many credit with creating a market based on the elimination of odors to get closer to big game.

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