U.S. Customs and Border Protection G47 Update

G47 Left 45 Angle (1)

Glock 47

In 18 April, I published information on the CBP/DHS Glock contract that you can read here, The $85m, 10 year contract is to be completed by CBP by 2021 and will be in place through 2029. The award is centered around three Glock pistol models, all Gen 5 models. CBP called for customizations that are outlined below. As of this writing, Glock will not make the G47 available to the commercial space.
The contract includes three pistols:

  • G19 Gen5 MOS with the following modifications
    1. The Glock 19 frame will have a half-moon cut.
    2. Flared magazine well
  • G26 Gen5 with the following modifications G26 Gen 5
    1. a flared magwell and extended grip different from the current GLOCK 26 Gen 5.
    2. an 11 round magazine that is compatible with commercial GLOCK 26. The existing commercial Glock 26 magazine will fit but not lock into the CBP G26 variant.
    3. the CBP G26 will have a flared magazine but removes the curved edge at the base and front of the grip. Instead it will be flat
  • The G47
    1. Will have the same barrel length as the G17.
    2. Compatible with 19X, 17, 34, 45 magazines.
    3. The Glock 17 slide will not fit on the G47.

Other requirements:

  • Magazines
    1. Magazines will have a larger floor plate (larger toe) to facilitate extraction·
  • Parts Commonality
    1. Interchangeability of parts between GLOCK 47 and 19 is 100% with the GLOCK 26 is 92% (recoil spring and locking block are different due to size of the pistol.)
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