Brownells New Products for the Week


Paul Levy, leader of the Brownells product acquisition crew, shows us the T36C 5.56 NATO pistol from Tommy Built Tactical. This is a semi-auto pistol clone of the Heckler & Koch G36C compact carbine variant of the German military’s G36 service rifle. The T36C is classified as a pistol for ATF purposes, but it has all the distinctive G36C features: the ambidextrous topside bolt handle up front, Picatinny rail on top of the low-pro carry handle, H&K-style “iron” sights, and it uses the Magpul® G36 PMAG®. It even has an authentic-looking but non-functional “AUTO” position on the selector! Paul disassembles his T36C to show us what’s under the hood, including the ops sys based on the AR-180, like the Brownells BRN-180™, and a bolt / carrier assembly similar to the FN SCAR. The T36C comes ready for you to install the brace or stock (if you want to go the SBR route) of your choice. Comes with a backpack for discreet carry.

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