You’re Grounded !


TGIF, we’ve made it through another week! I hope you’ve all had a productive and incident free week. I’ve been working on a number of reviews so stay tuned. I’m looking forward to the weekend as John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum hits the theaters tomorrow, I’m looking forward to two hours and ten minutes of an action packed performance not to mention Halle Berry. I’d let her put me into a sinkaku.

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As customary, we kickoff the weekend with a shoot the shit. This is a social interaction that is far more effective than paying some jackass who studied psychology so they could understand themselves $150+ per hour so he can tell you that you are fantasizing about having your head buried in Halle Berry’s crotch. No shit Sherlock!

I want everyone of my readers to have at least one shoot the shit per week. Here’s how you do that. You announce the shoot the shit and location. Once your group is assembled start talking about anything. It’s important to remember that participants need not know anything about the topic. Let people make comments and express opinions even without supporting the idea. It simply doesn’t matter. Participants can use uncensored profanity, insult anyone they wish or change the subject altogether. However, if you can’t get one going on your own feel free to participate in ours.

So let’s get started…

A few of my readers fly drones recreationally. For those doing that, gone are the days when you can go to the backyard with your kid and fly your DJI. The FAA will be implementing some changes that will place some pretty strict restrictions. They’re expected to go into effect 17 May. Here’s a snap shot.


7) The operator has passed an aeronautical knowledge and safety test described in subsection (g) and maintains proof of test passage to be made available to the Administrator or law enforcement upon request.

(8) The aircraft is registered and marked in accordance with chapter 441 of this title and proof of registration is made available to the Administrator or a designee of the Administrator or law enforcement upon request.


(1) IN GENERAL.—Not later than 180 days after the date of enactment of this section, the Administrator, in consultation with manufacturers of unmanned aircraft systems, other industry stakeholders, and community-based organizations, shall develop an aeronautical knowledge and safety test, which can then be administered electronically by the Administrator, a community-based organization, or a person designated by the Administrator.

(2) REQUIREMENTS.—The Administrator shall ensure the aeronautical knowledge and safety test is designed to adequately demonstrate an operator’s—

(A) understanding of aeronautical safety knowledge; and

(B) knowledge of Federal Aviation Administration regulations and requirements pertaining to the operation of an unmanned aircraft system in the national airspace system.

You need to familiarize yourselves with the changes:

§44809. Exception for limited recreational operations of unmanned aircraft

So, what does all this mean? Don’t fly until you comply.

We now have 23 Democrat candidates running for President of the United States. The latest addition came today in the form of Bill Deblasio.


Deblasio is Mayor of New York City. This is the guy that wants to ban hot dogs! NYC winos don’t even like him, this guy is a first order boob! All 23 of these individuals want to confiscate your guns, have you walk to work, keep your pets and cows from farting. Meanwhile…

giphy (1)

The Democratic Congress, on the other hand, remains possessed. They are completely consumed by Donald J Trump derangement syndrome. It’s unbelievable folks. If Trump were to announce the cure for Alzheimer a Democrat Congress would want to investigate and impeach the man. These guys, have accused DJT of everything under the sun; all with no evidence. It’s unprecedented in American history !

Have a great weekend, be safe; try to get a little range time in. Give your smart device a break and organize a good shoot the shit with your buds and family.

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