Rafael and PAP presents a full solution for enhanced 8X8 combat vehicle survivability, maneuverability and lethality



May 2019Rafael Advanced Defense systems Ltd. is proud to announce its participation in FEINDEF 2019 International Defense and Security Exhibition, May 29-31, and congratulates Spain for establishing the new exhibition.

At FEINDEF 2019, Rafael will exhibit its solutions, with its local Spanish subsidiary PAP Tecnos, for Spain’s planned 8X8 combat vehicle program, offering a complete package of systems to enable and enhance full ground combat vehicle survivability, maneuverability and lethality.

As part of its ongoing innovation and development process, Rafael has introduced a new member of the Samson 30 Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS), based on its existing legacy Samson 30 system.

Rafael’s RCWS Family consists of four products under the brand name Samson – ranging from 5.56 mm to 30/40 mm automatic cannons. Rafael has delivered over 5000 RCWS systems which are currently in service worldwide.

Rafael’s new RCWS consists of the following elements:

● 30 mm automatic cannon and coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun

● Two independent identical sights (one for the gunner and one for the commander)

● Two multi-purpose guided missiles (Spike LR1 or the new Spike LR2)

● Smoke grenade launchers

● The Trophy APS system (optional Samson 30 RCWS)

Rafael offers an optional vatiant of Samson 30 RCWS with Trophy APS already integrated in the turret, as well as the Spike LR2 ATGM. As the design authority that develops, produces and integrates these systems into one integrated solution, Rafael provides the best operational and technical reliability. This holistic solution significantly enhances the survivability and maneuverability of the fighting vehicle and its crew.

At FEINDEF, Rafael is also presenting its new and ground-breaking solutions for the digitization of land-based operations, based on a combination of the BNET™ – the new generation Ultra-high Broadband tactical radio on-the-move, based on the patented Multi Frequency-channel reception technology, with FIRE WEAVER™ – a brand new Revolutionary Networked Sensor to Shooter System.

BNET SDR is a high-speed broadband data, voice and video on the move radio solution – to enable comprehensive and effective situational awareness and sensor-effector cycle closure. The BNET is a globally field-proven advanced broadband IP MANET SDR (Software Defined Radio) solution for tactical operations enhanced by Multi-frequency Channel Reception (MCR). BNET combines with FIRE WEAVER, which brings a true revolution to modern warfare, by instantly selecting the most relevant shooter for every target acquired, according to the rules of engagement, marking the target on the shooter sight and enabling multiple simultaneous, precision strikes on time-critical targets within moments of their acquisition.

Coming from one design authority, Fire Weaver, BNET, Samson 30 with Spike, and the TROPHY APS, will provide the Spanish ground forces a holistic, optimal solution for lethality, protection and maneuverability.

Rafael’s ground and air systems are addressing other current and future equipment programs in Spain:

· Trophy APS for various armored platforms. Trophy is the world’s only operational, combat-proven Active Protection System (APS) for heavy, medium and light armoured vehicles. Trophy TM is currently in use on the Israeli Defence Force’s (IDF) Merkava Main Battle Tank (MBT) and Namer IFV. It is also under contract for installation on the US Abrams MBT, and has been successfully tested on a number of lighter US platforms, including the Stryker and Bradley IFVs.

· SPIKE LR2 missiles for ground forces and SPIKE ER2 for the Tiger helicopters. The SPIKE FAMILY – SPIKE SR, LR/MR, LR2, ER2, NLOS – Multi-platform, precise, multi-purpose tactical missiles, for ranges of 1.5 km-30 km, with 31 users worldwide and over 30,000 missiles already sold.

· Litening and Reccelite pods for the Eurofighter. LITENING 5 – New generation navigation and targeting pod featuring advanced high-resolution sensors for effective stand-off identification and targeting, and RECCELITE XR – Real-time multi-spectral reconnaissance system for stand-in and stand-off missions.

· Naval 30mm Remote-Controlled Weapon Stations for Spanish Navy vessels. Rafael’s TYPHOON™️ MK-30C is a stabilized & remotely operated weapon system for surface and aerial targets. Rafael is a world leader in Naval RCWS, with enormous experience in developing and manufacturing this type of system to fit unique naval requirements.

About Rafael:

Rafael designs, develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of high-tech defense systems for air, land, sea and space applications. Rafael’s systems are based on vast expertise, technological know-how, and a thorough understanding of the specific operational requirements of its customers. The company’s diversified array of innovative solutions at the leading edge of global technology include Land, Air Superiority, Naval and Underwater, Space and Cyber solutions. Rafael has 8,000 employees, and in 2018 it posted a net profit of 133 million dollars, sales of 2.5 billion dollars, orders totaling 2.6 billion dollars and an order backlog of 6.7 billion dollars.

About PAP

PAP Tecnos S.A. is a Spanish company, established in 2010, that manufactures and supplies a wide variety of next generation equipment and systems for the defense and security markets, under license from international OEM’s. PAP is currently a supplier of the Spanish Ministry of Defense for high technology equipment and systems of strategic value. Up to now, PAP is the only supplier of RCWS to the Spanish Army, giving an excellent after sale and maintenance support to the turrets in all the Spanish Territory as well as in operational zones worldwide.

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