ASHLAND, Oregon (June 13, 2019) — With over 2 million knife and tool sharpeners sold, Work Sharp Outdoor is expanding to more markets than ever before, and will be showcasing their highly sought-after products during the 2019 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver, June 18-20.
As the industry-leading sharpener manufacturer, Work Sharp has transformed the outdoor market by creating products that allow anyone to quickly and easily sharpen every knife they own.
“The mission of Work Sharp is simple: to continue sharing the message that
Sharp Matters in all facets of outdoor activities, and a sharp knife is crucial no matter the adventure ahead,” said Josh Warren, Work Sharp’s Product Expert and Stoke Ambassador.
Work Sharp’s products range from the favored
Guided Field Sharpener, designed for on-the-go sharpening, to a full-featured blade grinder made in conjunction with hall-of-fame knife maker Ken Onion. The Original Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener – revered for its simplicity, versatility, and value – continues to be the most popular powered sharpener.

Guided Field Sharpener

                 Pocket Knife Sharpener                 Ken Onion Edition Knife and Tool Sharpener


“Our technology puts the skill into the sharpener,” says Dan Dovel, Work Sharp engineer. “Whether you’re new to sharpening or a seasoned expert, our sharpeners make sharpening easier and faster – with consistent results every time. In every outdoor adventure or task, Work Sharp makes the process of carrying a sharp knife easy.”
With yearly participation in shows across the U.S., Work Sharp is excited to add the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market to the roster for years to come.
For more information about Work Sharp Outdoor, visit

Visit Work Sharp in Booth #57060-UL during the 2019 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, June 18-20, in Denver.

About Work Sharp Outdoor:
Work Sharp Outdoor is a division of Darex, a 4th-generation, family-owned business in Ashland, Oregon. Darex has produced industry-leading sharpening tools for more than 45 years. Work Sharp’s complete line of manual and power sharpeners is trusted by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide; its longstanding reputation is built on exceptional products that make sharpening faster and easier than other systems in the market, without compromising performance. Today, Darex is over 120 co-workers strong and has sold over 5 million sharpeners.

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