Introducing Applied Ballistics Training Division

Applied Ballistics® Training Division™ (ABTD™) was founded in 2018 and strives to provide high quality, professional, and flexible training in the practical application of long-range external ballistics. Focusing on the science of accuracy within a practical approach allows ABTD™ to encompass civilian, law enforcement, and military applications, helping shooters put more rounds on target.

AB Training Division

ABTD™ Effective LR – Ringneck Ranch KS – July 19-21

Effective LR located at Ringneck Ranch is fast approaching and course slots are filling up. Ringneck Ranch, KS provides a great opportunity to shoot and train in many different wind conditions. The unique terrain and range setup allows shooters to engage targets into valleys and across ridge-lines, all from many different firing locations. How could a wind course get much better? Well, this course package also includes loads of instruction on alternate position shooting and maximizing employment of AB devices and software to put more rounds on target. The course comes complimentary with an AB Swag & Merch bundle which also includes Analytics software.

 Ranch lodging and meal packages are available. Reserve you spot today:

The rest of 2019 is shaping up to be a busy training year, with numerous ABTD courses scheduled around the country:

  • Effective LR – Ringneck Ranch KS – July 19 – 21
  • AB Lab Tune Up Clinic – Applied Ballistics  Laboratory MI- September 7 – 8
  • LR Limits – Spearpoint Ranch KS – September 21 – 22
  • Effective LR – Triple C TX – October 18 – 20
  • Max Effective LR – The Arena GA – November 2 – 3
  • LR Essentials – Badlands Tactical OK – November 16 – 18

More course information and registration can be found here:

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