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QuietTM Band

Diverse collection of Honeywell Howard Leight foam earplugs deliver high-performance hearing protection and a proper fit for any shooter

WESTWOOD, Mass. (June 28, 2019) – Foam earplugs are the most commonly used form of hearing protection for many good reasons, but primarily because they are inexpensive and provide a high noise reduction rating—up to 33dB. The simple design of foam earplugs delivers great performance and protection. When inserted properly, they completely seal the ear canal, while the cellular composition of the foam creates tiny airspaces which fracture and re-fracture sound waves.

Because foam earplugs must be flush and fully expanded deep inside the ear canal to properly protect, one shape and size does not fit all. While some other brands simply offer the same standard plug in different color variations, Honeywell Howard LeightTM delivers true innovation in foam earplug design, offering numerous styles of foam earplugs engineered to meet the needs of a full range of shooters. Corded, uncorded, one-time use and reusable models are available, starting at just pennies per pair.

TrustFitTM Pod

Available in corded and uncorded styles, TrustFit push-in foam earplugs feature a unique, soft foam dimpled tip design that collapses to be easily pushed into the ear without the need to roll-down. The contoured paddle fits naturally between the finger and thumb. Its flexible stem material gently pushes the dimpled foam into the narrowing ear canal. These reusable plugs have a 28 NRR and are made in the USA.

  • Reusable push-in foam earplug
  • 28 NRR
  • Soft foam dimpled tip
  • No rolling required
  • Corded and uncorded styles
  • Includes a convenient carrying case
  • Made in the USA
  • TrustFit Pod Uncorded: Model R-02236 / UPC 033552022367 / MSRP $3.55
  • TrustFit Pod Corded: Model R-02237 / UPC 033552022374 / MSRP $5.09

LeightTM Plugs

Designed for shooters with smaller ear canals, single-use Leight Plugs are constructed from low-pressure polyurethane foam for all-day comfort. Featuring a contoured T-shape for easy insertion and removal, Leight Plugs deliver a 30 NRR and are made in the USA.

  • Single-use foam earplug
  • 30 NRR
  • Low-pressure polyurethane foam for all-day comfort
  • Designed for people with smaller ear canals
  • Pre-shaped contoured T-shape for easy insertion and removal
  • Made in the USA
  • Leight Plugs 5-Pr. Pack with Carrying Case: Model R-01517 / UPC 033552015178 / MSRP $2.80
  • Leight Plugs
10-Pr. Value Pack: Model R-01518 / UPC 033552015185 / MSRP $4.25
  • Leight Plugs 100-Pr. Tub: Model R-LPF-1-TO / UPC 033552300014 / MSRP $34.36

Super Leight Plugs

Single-use Super Leight plugs are Honeywell Howard Leight’s highest-performance foam earplugs, delivering a 33 NRR. Super Leight’s unique bell shape offers a comfortable fit, while its smooth, soil-resistant skin helps prevent dirt buildup. Corded and uncorded styles are available, along with a red, white and blue Super Leight USA model.

  • Single-use, soft foam earplugs
  • Highest Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 33
  • Unique bell shape offers a comfortable fit
  • Smooth, soil-resistant skin helps prevent dirt build-up
  • Available both corded and uncorded
  • Made in the USA
  • Super Leight
Uncorded 10-Pr. Pack: Model R-84133 / UPC 033552841333 / MSRP $3.15
  • Super Leight Uncorded 100-Pr. Tub: Model R-33133 / UPC 033552331339 / MSRP $42.10
  • Super Leight
Corded 10-Pr. Pack: Model R-01180 / UPC 033552011804 / MSRP $3.80
  • Super Leight
Corded 50-Pr. Tub: Model R-33333 / UPC 033552333333 / MSRP $33.45
  • Super Leight USA Uncorded 10-Pr. Pack: Model R-01891 / UPC 033552018919 / MSRP $5.67
  • Super Leight USA Uncorded 100-Pr. Pack: Model R-03113 / UPC 0335520131130 / MSRP $49.40

Super Leight for Women

Honeywell Howard Leight’s best-selling single-use earplug has been redesigned in a reduced size, offering a more comfortable fit and better performance for women, youth and other shooters with smaller ear canals. Featuring low-pressure polyurethane foam construction and a 30 NRR, these plugs come with a convenient carrying case and are made in the USA.

  • Single-use foam earplug in a petite size
  • 30 NRR
  • More comfortable fit and better performance for small ear canals
  • Low-pressure polyurethane foam adjusts for a custom fit
  • Includes a convenient carrying case
  • Made in the USA
  • Super Leight for Women: 14-Pr. Pack with Case: Model R-01757 / UPC 033552017578 / MSRP $4.70

SmartFitTM Corded

SmartFit corded earplugs deliver superior comfort and enhanced performance through a truly personal fit. Engineered with Conforming Material Technology, SmartFit plugs feature an advanced material that uses body heat to adapt to the shape of the wearer’s individual ear canal.

  • A revolution in personal fit, made with Conforming Material Technology
  • Advanced material uses body heat to adapt to the shape of an individual ear canal
  • Fits most ear canals and delivers superior comfort
  • 25 NRR
  • Detachable cord with convenient case included
  • SmartFit Corded Earplugs: 2-Pr. Pack with Case / Model R-01520 / UPC 033552015208 / MSRP $4.67

QuietTM Corded Earplugs

Corded for convenience, Quiet plugs feature a 26 NRR and a patented “no-roll” design that makes them easy to insert and fit. Their bell shape comfortably matches the contours of the ear canal.

  • Patented “no-roll” design makes product easy to insert and fit
  • Bell shape comfortably matches contours of the ear canal
  • Corded for convenient carrying with case included
  • 26 NRR
  • Quiet Corded Earplugs: 2-Pr. Pack with case: Model R-01522 / UPC 033552015222 / MSRP $4.25

QuietTM Band

The Honeywell Howard Leight Quiet Band combines a patented band design with soft, reusable foam ear pods to deliver lightweight and convenient hearing protection with a 25 NRR. When fitted, the pods rest partially in the ears for a balance of protection and comfort. The band rests lightly around the neck when hearing protection is not needed.

  • Hearing Band with reusable pods
  • Lightweight and convenient — quick and easy to insert or rest around the neck when away from noise
  • Soft foam pods rest partially in the ear for a balance of protection and comfort
  • Patented band design prevents ear pods from touching dirty surfaces
  • 25 NRR

Quiet Band with Reusable Pods: Model R-01538 / UPC 033552015383 / MSRP: $7.66


Howard Leight safety products empower individuals and families across the globe to enjoy more and worry less. Our industry leading hearing and eye protection help people more safely enjoy the events and activities they love. Our broad selection of comfortable and stylish protective eyewear delivers safety without compromise. Building on over 30 years of innovation, we’re continually developing new designs, materials and technologies to enhance comfort and protection for industry trade professionals, recreational and competitive shooters, DIY homeowners, and all fans of live music and sporting events. Whatever your passion, trust Howard Leight to block out the noise so you can listen to what’s important, while staying safely focused on the big moments that matter. Learn more at

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