Magnum Research Sponsors Last of a Breed TV Series


(Pillager, MN) – Magnum Research, Inc, maker of the world renowned Desert Eagle pistol and leader in innovative firearms design and manufacturing, is proud to be a 2019 sponsor of Laramy “Sasquatch” Miller’s Last of a Breed TV series on the Sportsman Channel.
The new season of Last of a Breed will begin in July 2019. Miller will hunt with the Desert Eagle pistol and the BFR revolver from Magnum Research throughout the season. To learn more about the show, visit
Laramy “Sasquatch” Miller lives as the “last of a breed.” Like the Sasquatch of legend, Miller forges his own way and thrives in the wilderness without the aid of modern conveniences or technology. He relies on simple tools and the traditional way of living off the land, hunting and trapping as he travels through the wilderness.
Last of a Breed allows Miller to share the mountain man tradition of relying on nature and simplicity to survive and thrive. His knowledge of nature and hunting tradition allow him to guide the next generation of hunters to appreciate the old-school ways.
“We are proud to support Laramy Miller and his show, Last of a Breed,” says Jodi DePorter, Director of Marketing for Kahr Firearms Group. “We believe in pursing an appreciation for nature and the traditional art of hunting and trapping, and exploring the wilderness. Laramy Miller is able to bring this lifestyle into our homes through his tv series.”

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About Kahr Firearms Group:
Kahr Firearms Group, formed in 2012, includes Kahr Arms, Auto-Ordnance and Magnum Research.  KFG Headquarters reside in Greeley, Pennsylvania. Kahr Arms produces small, concealable handguns in .380, 9mm, .40 and .45ACP. Auto-Ordnance is the maker of the famous “Tommy Gun”, M1 Carbine and WW2 GI Model 1911. Magnum Research Inc., is the designer and producer of the world renowned Desert Eagle Pistol, Baby Eagle, MLR .22LR and .22Mag Rifles and BFR Revolvers. All three companies are proudly located in the USA.


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