Introducing the NEW Adaptable Belt Mount!



High Speed Gear’s® new Adaptable Belt Mount (ABM) attachment format offers a sturdy, belt-width adjustable, anti-slide application for mounting HSGI® products to a belt. This attachment method uses a strip of durable, vinyl-backed 1000D Cordura® nylon laminate and reliable YKK® snap closure to create a belt loop. Two laser-cut slits enable the user to thread the loop smaller or larger for 1.5”-1.75” belts or 1.75”-2” belts, respectively. The inside of this fashioned belt loop features a patch of hook Velcro® designed to match up with the interior loop Velcro® of our rigger belts to lock the pouch in the desired position on your belt.
Additionally, ABM pouches feature a vertical channel behind the mounting panel. On some larger pouches, such as the ABM TACO® or Stun Gun TACO®, this channel is large enough to pass a belt through to mount the pouch sideways, as pictured below.
For a limited time, all ABM pouches which will be $1 less than the original belt-mounted option. Get yours before Nov. 20, 2019, to save!


New Basket Weave Kydex® from Comp-Tac®!

And while you’re checking out these exciting new versions of HSGI® gear, be sure to check out the new basket weave option added to a number of Comp-Tac® products! This new finish allows you to match Kydex® gear with a basket weave rig. This option is currently available for the WarriorTM Holster,InternationalTM Holster, Single Mag Pouch PLM, Kydex® Tourniquet TACO® and Kydex® Handcuff TACO®.

Get yours now!

-Your team at HSGI® and Comp-Tac®

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