PRIME Ammunition and RUAG End Litigation

PRIME Ammunition and RUAG End Litigation
Las Vegas, NV, July 16, 2019 – Effective immediately, Citizens Ammunition, LLC DBA PRIME and RUAG Ammotec have agreed to conclude the litigation between the companies.  Terms of the settlement will not be released.  According to PRIME Ammunition’s founder and CEO, Jim O’Shaughnessy, “RUAG contacted us and asked us to conclude the litigation.  We reached a mutually agreeable settlement and are taking th
eir offer to restore the business relationship under careful consideration.”

About PRIME Ammunition
PRIME Ammunition went live with its direct to consumer website on October 1, 2015 providing high quality ammunition products with an intense customer focused service model.  PRIME is dedicated to delivering the finest possible ammunition at the best possible value while actively supporting the 2nd Amendment and shooting sports via sponsorship of lady shooters and youth shooters in partnership with their parents.


Both parties have expressed an interest in not releasing the details of the settlement. The 30,000 foot view is that RUAG Ammotec, the plaintiff, alleged that Citizens Ammunition, LLC DBA PRIME ,  was in breech of contract and was owed money. RUAG Ammotec loads all of PRIME’s product.

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