Steiner Optics has a new military-grade scope M7Xi and M7Xi IFS


The US release of the new Steiner Military series scopes is here: the M7Xi and M7Xi IFS. The IFS is the Intelligent Firing Solution that pairs the scope with a built-in ballistic calculator and in-scope display, all customizable via smartphone app. Display data such as turret settings, temperature, air pressure, inclination, wind drift, and more directly in the scope display.
The M7Xi is also available without the IFS option. The 7x zoom gives the operator more flexibility and higher resolution at all distances. The scope builds and improves on the incredibly solid tradition of the M5Xi military scopes that are now in service by military units and tactical competitors worldwide. Available soon with three reticle choices: the Horus Tremor 3, G2B MilDot, and the amazing MSR2.

More information at the Steiner website

Watch the M7Xi video!

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