Asfaleia Design Signs Chevalier Advertising


Asfaleia logo old

Asfaleia Design has announced Chevalier Advertising & Public Relations as its official agency of record.  Asfaleia Design was born of a luxury bag maker’s attention expanding to include the self-protection market.  With new markets come new marketing needs and so Asfaleia Design’s expertise in craftsmanship and intelligent design is being combined with Chevalier’s 63-plus years experience in public relations, advertising and marketing within the shooting and outdoors industries.

Asfaleia Variety

In its new role as Asfaleia Design’s agency of record, Chevalier Advertising will assist in an ongoing public relations campaign directed towards the self defense and general markets. This includes event planning, coordinating media samples and writing and distributing press releases. Chevalier Advertising will also help Asfaleia Design create brand and product marketing campaigns including creative and media placement.

Asfaleia black backpack

Asfaleia’s Tactical Backpack in black

“We feel that safety shouldn’t require sacrificing quality or style,” said Asfaleia Design’s CEO and Founder Del C. Arnold “so we took the same modern design, premium Italian leather, and elegant hardware used in high fashion bags and added ballistic panels for safety and a magnetic closure for quick draw to make a functional protective bag.  With Chevalier’s knowledge of the shooting and outdoors market we aim to revolutionize the way people protect themselves. “

Asfaleia Concealed Carry Tote Handbag

Asfaleia’s Concealed Carry Tote Handbag In Navy

“Asfaleia Design has created some unique products that fill a need underserved in our industry,” said Account Executive Aaron Lisech. “Asfaleia Design’s products offer something refreshing and new to the upscale self-protection market.”

About Asfaleia Design:

ASFALEIA (pronounced “as-fall’-ya”) is Greek for safety.  Asfaleia Design brings modern safety and protection strategies in response to modern threats.  Readiness to protect oneself or family should not require sacrificing style or practicality and with Asfaleia design it doesn’t.

Asfaleia Design pairs sophisticated style, discreet carry, and ballistic barriers. Defense is a reactive action by its very nature.  We can’t control when we’ll need it, but we can control what we have available when we need it.  What sets ASFALEIA apart is the option to seamlessly integrate Level IIIA ballistic armor turning your everyday bag into everyday added protection, everyday, “asfaleia”.

About Chevalier Advertising, Inc.:

Located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Chevalier is a premier full-service advertising, marketing and public relations agency specializing in the marketing of hunting, outdoors, shooting, and law enforcement products. 

For more information, contact: Chevalier Advertising, Inc., Three Centerpointe Dr., Suite 200, Lake Oswego, OR 97035, 503.639.9190,

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