New Axeon Absolute Zero Eases Sighting In


FORT SMITH, Ark. (August 8, 2019) – The new and improved patented and proven Axeon® Absolute Zero® makes sighting in your rifle absolutely easy. Using two precision lasers it guarantees you hold your rifle in the exact same place while sighting in thereby providing the ability to completely eliminate hold error and establish a zero in just one shot.

The Absolute Zero from Axeon Optics includes a new mounting system making it the easiest, most efficient, and accurate way to find your zero at 25 yards giving you the ability to zero at 100 yards with cold barrel accuracy. It comes with an adapter that fits your rifle’s Picatinny or Weaver rail. It also comes equipped with a quick disconnect mount that allows the unit to mount onto any scope that has a 1-inch or 30 mm tube. Adhesive backed reflective grids are included with each Absolute Zero making the red lasers easy to identify and locate even in bright sunlit conditions.

Using the Hancosky Method the Absolute Zero utilizes twin lasers to aid you in precisely aligning your point of aim with your rifle’s point of impact. Once attached to your rifle and the locations of the two lasers are noted on the reflective grid a round is fired to establish a point of impact. With the lasers fixed on the original noted locations the point of aim of your rifle’s scope or dot sight is adjusted to correspond with the point of impact giving you an easy one-shot sight in.
The Axeon Absolute Zero makes sighting in your rifle scope, dot sight or reflex sight easy. Find your zero at 25 yards in just one shot. Based on your ballistic rise or drop at 100 yards, you can then calculate the adjustment for 100 yards and adjust your aiming device without firing another round.
The Absolute Zero saves you time, money, ammo, and your shoulder! It works across multiple platforms and calibers, eliminates cant and movement and is ideal hunters who depend on cold barrel accuracy! The Absolute Zero has an MSRP of $79.99.



About Axeon Optic Solutions
Innovative technology and affordability are at the heart of Axeon Optics, a brand of Umarex USA, Incorporated, one of North America’s fastest growing outdoor sport and recreation companies. Umarex USA innovates, develops and markets products under brands owned or licensed by its parent company, UMAREX GmbH & Co. KG. Such brands include Axeon Optics®, Beretta®, Browning®, Colt®, Elite Force®, GLOCK®, Heckler & Koch®, Hornady®, Optical Dynamics™, Ruger®, RWS®, Smith & Wesson®, UMAREX®, Walther® and others. For additional information regarding Axeon Optic Solutions visit #ClearlyOnTarget

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